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Muay Thai Gym Etiquette For Beginners | Diamond Muay Thai Toronto

Muay Thai Gym Etiquette For Beginners

muay thai female torontoMuay Thai is a popular martial art and a great form of exercise, but it can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Before you jump into the ring, though, there are some important gym etiquette rules that every beginner should know. It might seem like a lot to remember at first, but following these basic guidelines will ensure that everyone has a good experience in the gym.

Arrive Early & Prepare Ahead of Time
A good rule of thumb for any workout session is to arrive early. That way you have time to get your equipment ready and warm up before class starts. This means having your gloves, wraps, and other gear ready ahead of time so you don’t waste any valuable class time trying to find them in your bag or putting them on.

Additionally, make sure your water bottle is full and you’ve had something light to eat beforehand so you don’t get too hungry during class.

Be Respectful & Polite
When it comes to respect in the gym, this applies both inside and outside the ring. Show respect to your instructor by being on time and paying attention during classes; ask questions if you need clarification on techniques. Be mindful of others in the gym by refraining from loud conversations or music; people come here to focus on their training not listen to music blasting through someone’s headphones.

Be respectful when training as well – no one wants to get injured while they’re just trying to learn something new!

Clean Up After Yourself
This may seem like common sense but it’s worth mentioning – make sure you clean up after yourself when you leave class!

Put away all of your equipment neatly in its proper place (including kick pads!) so that everyone can access what they need quickly and easily. Wipe down any sweat from mats or equipment with disinfectant wipes before leaving; nobody likes a smelly gym!

Taking just a few minutes at the end of class can go a long way towards making everyone’s experience better.

Following these simple Muay Thai gym etiquette tips will help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience in the gym — beginners included!

Remembering these guidelines will also help build mutual respect among all members which is essential for creating an enjoyable environment for learning this ancient martial art form.

With courtesy and respect, anyone can become an expert Muay Thai fighter — so lace up those gloves and get ready for some serious fun!

See you on the mats.

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Beginners Guide to Muay Thai – Part One

Whether you are considering Muay Thai for cardio and fitness, learning and experience in a martial art or competition. You can get what you need from Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Classes are high-intensity cardio and can burn a bunch of calories depending on how much enthusiasm you want to bring to the mats.

Whether you want to develop self-confidence, get incredibly fit, or compete in the ring.

Muay Thai is a sport that can be inclusive of multiple goals.

To train Muay Thai you need to first find a reputable trainer who has the experience that can lead you confidently through the fundamentals of Muay Thai and can uniquely develop your skill from the ground up. No two people are the same and any training regime should be approached in that manor as well.

The goal of this guide is to provide you with an overview of Muay Thai training and important concepts you need to understand to reach a high level. If you are training purely for fitness goals that is incredible but we always encourage even the person who trains recreationally to nerd out on Muay Thai.

First step to Muay Thai is defining your Why?

What does that mean….

Well what do you think it means to you to train Muay Thai?

As humans we have the ability to make conscious decisions and typically there is always a why behind every decision we make.

Examples of Why’s we have heard –

  • I want to feel more confident
  • I want to lose weight but learn something new
  • I want to find my power again
  • I want to feel the rush of competing
  • I was bullied and it helps me move the feelings of that
  • I want to prove to myself I am powerful
  • I am a full-time mom who wants to have a part-time energizing routine

There can be many reasons why Muay Thai, and we always suggest doing some solid research and take a class before you decide on your Why.

Engage/Talk with inspiring people online and in reality who currently train for hobby and/or for competition.

You might be surprised to find a similar why in someone.

Whatever the Why, at Diamond Muay Thai we invite you come visit and experience the community and see how Muay Thai can inspire a Why for you.

Keep an Eye out for next weeks – Part Two – Guide to Muay Thai  – What to look for in a quality gym.

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