Join The Diamond Muay Thai + Boxing Gym Today!

Are you ready to break free from the traditional gym hamster wheel and get a workout that strengthens your body and mind? If you are, then the Diamond Muay Thai + Boxing Gym is for you! Our friendly and encouraging instructors are happy to accommodate all ages and skill levels, giving you the confidence you need to step outside the box and discover the exhilaration our classes offer. Why is Muay Thai + Boxing excellent for strengthening your body and mind? Let’s take a look and find out.

Prepare You For The Real World

Let’s face it, the world around us is a dangerous place, and knowing how to defend yourself can mean the difference between life and death. Our classes use proven Muay Thai methods to develop self-defense tactics you can use in real-life encounters. It will train you to become more aware of your surroundings and prepare you to protect yourself if needed.

Increase Fitness

Having a fit body is essential to living a long and healthy life. Muay Thai + Boxing increases your cardio capacity, agility, and coordination, making you stronger and more capable of handling whatever life throws at you.

Just Plain Fun

There’s nothing like the rush of endorphins you get from our fast-paced and exciting classes. De-stress and unwind while having a blast with like-minded people who support and encourage you.

What To Expect In Your First Class

Upon arrival, you’re greeted with a smile and asked to sign in. We ask you to arrive five minutes early to ensure ample time for us to answer any questions you may have. From there, you’ll make your way to the mats to meet your coach and get acquainted. While every class varies to keep it interesting, we typically begin warmups with jump ropes and a round of calisthenics and shadow boxing.

Once everyone is warm and ready, we do five to six rounds of high-intensity training utilizing the heavy bag or a partner pad. We use clinch work, knees, punches, elbow strikes, and kick techniques and provide ample instruction for beginners. The class generally ends with strength and conditioning bodyweight exercises to provide a well-rounded fitness experience.

You are then free to stretch and ask us further questions about the training provided at Diamond. The best part? You can join your first class for only $20!

We’re so confident you’ll fall in love with this amazing sport.

When you’re ready to ditch the traditional gym and engage in high-intensity and exciting workouts, join us at Diamond Muay Thai + Boxing. Our friendly instructors are here to provide you with an incredible experience for beginners to advanced skill levels and kids to adults. Now you can get fit, while learning vital defensive skills, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you. Don’t waste another day stuck in your same old fitness routine; book your first class and see what all the hype is about!