Why are we a Membership based gym and why we don’t host class passes or drop ins?

We don’t get this question often but when we do we love to elaborate on why we are a membership based community.

At Diamond we have a focus not just providing quality Muay Thai + Boxing Training but we continue to strive to create space for a collective of people who are looking for consistency and growth in their training with a love of supporting each other on the mats.

Some of our personal history in gyms has been quite the opposite, huge classes and never seeing the same face more then once.

We love the fact that we can build strong Muay Thai and Boxing Enthusiasts + Athletes while collecting one cool diverse connected community. Now ask us again why we don’t offer class passes. ? We will rinse, lather and repeat our vision for you.

Let’s keep growing, Team.

Interested in joining the community- we’re open and moving and totally beginner friendly. DM ? us for more info on our various Membership options or book your first intro class here!


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