muay thai training torontoGet Ready to Kick It! What You Need for Muay Thai Training

Are you ready to unleash your inner warrior?

Muay Thai training is a great way to get fit, learn self-defense, and have fun.

There’s just one problem…you need gear. Don’t worry though!

We’ve got you covered with the essential items you need for your Muay Thai classes.

First and foremost, you will need gloves. Why? Well, they’re important because they protect both you and your opponent during sparring and pad work. When it comes to glove weight, it can depend on what level of fighter/competitor you are or plan on becoming. If you’re just starting out, look for a glove that has both wrist support and good padding in the striking area. That way, your hands will be well protected when punching pads and bags.

Hand Wraps
After gloves come hand wraps—also known as bandages—which are used to provide additional support to your wrists and knuckles while sparring or punching bags/pads. Hand wraps help keep your hands tight during striking so that nothing gets hurt or injured due to a loose fist or knuckle movement. Many gyms require their students to wear hand wraps in order to prevent any sort of injury from occurring during class.

Shin Guards
The next item on the list is shin guards—or “shin pads”—which protect your shins during kicking drills and sparring sessions. They also help reduce pain from kicks on the receiving end when practicing certain techniques against an opponent or partner in class. Just like gloves, there are various types of shin guards available depending on what level of fighter/competitor you are or plan on becoming; however, any type of shin guard should suffice if all you’re looking for is protection while learning the basics of Muay Thai kicking techniques.

Last but not least, muay thai shorts! These shorts are a must-have item for anyone interested in training Muay Thai because they allow for maximum range of motion without having fabric bunching up around your waistline like normal gym shorts do (trust us, this matters). Plus they look cool too!

Now that we’ve gone over all the necessary gear needed for Muay Thai training classes, go ahead–get ready kick it!

Put on those gloves and throw some punches; put on those shin pads and practice those kicks; then slip into those muay thai shorts–it’s time to train!

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