If you’re new to Muay Thai, you could easily mistake the sport for being one based around violence – and we would hardly blame you. Most media surrounding Muay Thai and other martial arts generally tend to just show the big “fight nights” with opponents leaving the ring bruised and bloody.

What many newcomers are surprised to find when they first visit us, is how much the sport focuses on the mind, body and spirit and how without achieving a balance in all three of these qualities, it’s impossible to reach your full potential.

But how does each element translate into the sport?

Mind refers to a fighter’s technique. For example, their skill, tactics, awareness, range & timing. In essence, it’s the mental side of the sport.

Body refers to a fighter’s strength and conditioning: their movement, efficiency and balance.

Spirit refers to a fighter’s attitude, resilience and mind-set – their emotional fortitude, if you will.

To function properly, each quality needs to work in harmony with each other and can’t exist purely in isolation. For example, if you’ve trained your mind and body but not your spirit, your emotional mind-set will be easily broken and likely lead you to defeat.

But what if I don’t want to compete as a fighter? I just want to get fit and whilst exploring a new hobby…

That’s completely fine. But what if we told you these qualities are completely transferable?

Imagine if you could take these harmonious qualities into the boardroom for your next pitch? Or to defuse a difficult and tense situation? Elements of these could even be used during an awkward dinner with your in-laws!

NOTE: please don’t body kick your client, father in-law, partner etc.

The point we’re making is that Muay Thai is one of the few sports that focuses on building and growing what’s inside, as well as making you fitter on the outside. Ask any one of our members and they will gleefully tell you how much their confidence has grown or how much more resilient they’ve become since they’ve taken up the sport.

So, if you’ve read this and you want to unearth and healthier and happier you, please call us on 416.546.5551 to arrange your first class or contact us via Get Class Times

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

The Diamond Muay Thai Team

Mind, Body & Spirit – Muay Thai’s Secret Weapon


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