Humans of DMT – Michael Harman – Riverside, Toronto

Who they are?

I usually tell people who I am is that I’m a committed reader – heavy on the 19th-21st century fiction, philosophy, poetry. Finding Muay Thai, I saw a new form to study with, a field of rhythm and attentiveness. In a lull, in Fall, I needed a new “physical activity,” and Diamond sprung up nearby. There were plenty of cosmological signals (I won’t list) persuading me to join. And it’s contributed to a fervid period in my life. #Diamond and its practitioners are a warm people. The substance of the sport is power enough that most people treat it as an arena for collective learning, and selfishness is fairly uncommon. I’ve really enjoyed the stimulation of Muay Thai – especially in winter’s tightness arnd indolence. Its cerebral-physical challenges request a patient, creative, alert self, and a body tuned lightning-sharp.

Thank You, Michael… for all the creative energy you bring to the space of Diamond Muay Thai.

It is ever changed with you. ?


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