We couldn’t be more proud of these two gems. Jessica and Katie had their first fights this past Saturday on the Cold Wars promotion. All the hard work, training, late nights in the gym, roadwork in the winter, and sacrifice paid off!

Jessica had an action packed bout, trading with here opponent from the opening bell. Jess demonstrated all what she had put into her training camp. Fighting well and clinching with good technique. It was a very close fight, but unfortunately the judges swayed their decision the other way. Congrats Jess on a well earned fight experience.

Katie displayed some amazing heart. From the get-go it was a barn burner. Both fighters pressed forward looking to score. But the determination of Katie pulled through, finding that extra bit of energy to score an 8-count in the 3rd round. After another exchange, the opponent’s corner threw in the towel, scoring Katie the winner by TKO.

Excellent job! Diamond is incredibly proud of your performances! A huge thank you to everyone that came out and showed their support!


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