Today we celebrate not only celebrating a successful first year together we are celebrating the official notice that Diamond is moving locations and leveling up its space. #diamondmuaythaitoronto has been a collaborative vision for quite some time inspiring to bring a sense of Muay Thai in its varied form that can be unique to each of us. Diamond and Muay Thai didn’t just end up being a collaborative passion between a few people, it became a life changing journey. We at ? as well as everyone involved in the practice of Muay Thai know how the practice can change lives whether we do it for sport, hobby or fitness. It really can reach everyones unique needs if we desire it to be an antidote. It also creates life long and world wide relationships that we know would not be granted if we weren’t interconnected in such a profound way. Having gratitude is an understatement in this post with the continuous amount of love, smiles and support we see as a team every day when the door opens at ? is pure magic. We would like to give thanks to everyone who have forged their energy through Diamond, whether it be on the Mats or from afar. Diamonds vision would not be here without your energy and we are dam blessed Muay Thai – for so long could not only inspire the molecules with in us but also touch parts of everyone else on some level. We send mighty a oyyys ?  to this cool new transition with gratitude and extreme enthusiasm. To be able to continue to hold a container and inspire each other continuously while coming together in such a specific form – is a blessing. We continue to look forward to moving with everyone and to the boundless possibilities the future holds whether it be with in Muay Thai, business and life. So here it is peeps: Official move date commences Mid-February situated at 688 Carlaw Ave Unit 100 Leslieville, Toronto – with convenient Street access – Natural Lighting and a cool 3400 sq ft for all of us to move, learn and play in. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates. ?


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